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Fit it. Play it.

Fit it.

Before adjusting, if necessary for downsizing, cut the SHINFORM pair with scissors.

Preheat the oven to 70 degrees and heat your pair of SHINFORM for 3 minutes on baking paper in the oven.

Take out one SHINFORM and place it on the shin in the desired position, press it gently against the skin – or fix it with some foil if needed.

After 3 minutes SHINFORM has cooled down and has taken the shape of the shin and muscles.

Then you repeat the process for the other leg.

Form it.

After heating SHINFORM has the ability to take on nearly any shape.

This has the advantage that SHINFORM adopts exactly to any shape of shin and muscles.

Should the structure of the shin or muscles change over time (due to injures, growth, muscle building, etc.), SHINFORM can be readjusted at any time.

Customization: If necessary, SHINFORM can be easily marked with a permanent pen (e.g. right/left, jersey number, etc.). But there are no limits of creativity.

Play it.

Experience a completely new feeling in the game.

Due to the “thinness” of only 1,0 millimeter SHINFORM is almost invisible under the socks.

SHINFORM is no longer perceptiple due to the weight of just 19 grams per leg.

Perfect fit.

Compare to commercially available shin protectors SHINFORM the thinnest and lightest compared to commercially available shin guards.

Many players use SHINFORM even without any fixation.

SHINFORM can also be easily fixed with standard sleeves or tapes.

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